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GE HiSpeed Nx/i Pro

GE HiSpeed Nx/i Pro
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The HiSpeed NX/i System with Pro Performance Package is a Premium Helical Whole Body Computed Tomography Scanner. The Nx/i Pro is Designed to Produce Up to Two Images of Optimum Image Quality Per Rotation, Fully Simultaneous Scan Reconstruction, and Display

GE HiSpeed Nx/i Pro includes

  • Dual-Slice Detector
  • Interface: 1-Screen, Mouse Driven, Icon Based
  • Tube heat capacity: 6.3 MHU
  • Fastest rotation: 0.7 seconds
  • Maximum scan technique: 440 mA at 120 kV
  • kV settings: 80,120,140
  • Nominal slice thicknesses (mm): 1, 2, 3,4,5, 6, 7,10 (all IX or 2X)

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