Refurbishing Process

Soma Tech India has developed a stringent and comprehensive refurbishing process that is applied to each and every piece of equipment guaranteeing the highest quality refurbished product. There are two stages for the refurbishing process: technical and cosmetic.

Technical Refurbishment

Our extensive library of service manuals and large parts inventory allow our biomeds to refurbish each piece of equipment according to the original manufactures specifications. First, there is an initial physical condition check and once the unit is approved it goes into the technical refurbishment stage. The unit is then cleaned off of any debris and the batteries are replaced allowing for testing to begin. All of our biomeds are equipped with the latest testing equipment and all equipment parameters and conditions are functionally verified according to the specifications of the manufacturer. At this stage, any and all parts or components that are not performing properly are replaced and repaired according to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.

Upon replacement of malfunctioning parts and components, the unit is then reassembled and it is ready to undergo further testing and calibration. At this point, all accessories, peripherals and modules commonly used with the equipment are introduced so overall operation and effectiveness can be verified. Through out this process, every replacement, testing and servicing are properly recorded by the biomedical engineers under the equipment history log and it is readily available for our customers to review. Finally, before the unit moves onto the cosmetic refurbishment process, it must be approved by our rigorous quality department .

Cosmetic Refurbishment

The next step to assure the highest quality of our products is our complete cosmetic recondition process. At this point, every piece of equipment is inspected for any wear and tear. Units are then sanded, primed and painted as necessary. We use the highest quality products in this process and all equipment is painted in our brand new AFC paint booth by factory trained staff. The result of this comprehensive process, is a piece of equipment that is completely functional and free of all blemishes.